Who Are We?

Meet The Team
We are a global company assisting individuals, family offices, and institutional investors to bridge the economic gap and to get the best value while trading in the international financial markets with the Dow Jones Index Average(DJIA). We have 15 Years of combined experience and expertise in trading in the international financial markets, across asset classes, namely currencies, commodities, stocks, futures, and indices. We have a dedicated and innovative engineering team that has build a robust Artificial Intelligent technology stack that helps us get an upper hand regardless of the market trend. We apply cutting-edge technology integrated with investment strategies that profit in both Bullish bearish markets to generate alpha returns with a focus on risk management. Our objectives as a business are to provide investment solutions and opportunities for private investors, family offices and, institutional investors to grow their wealth at a higher rate against inflation with mitigated risk for sustainable social impact. timioscapital, its Founders, and team are committed to the core values within our business which naturally lead us to embrace diversity and treasure our differences. We seek to work with the Top talent across gender identity, race and ethnicity, skills, and gained experiences. We only allow the highest standards of personal and professional integrity from ourselves and any individual that joins our company. Our relationships are built on open communication and mutual trust. We like simple solutions that clients understand, practical solutions that clients can follow with knowledge, and well-considered transparent services that fully match our client’s objectives, today and in the future.